This Indicator May Take the Crypto Market on an Unprecedented Parabolic Rally

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[NEWS BLOG]: This Indicator May Take the Crypto Market on an Unprecedented Parabolic Rally

The crypto market has been caught within a firm uptrend throughout the past six weeks, with its cumulative rally being fueled by steady gains seen by Bitcoin, coupled with parabolic gains seen by many major altcoins.

Examples of this can be seen while looking at major cryptocurrencies like Tezos and Ethereum, which have both seen massive gains over the past several days that are emblematic of the type of rallies seen during full-fledged bull markets.

Now, one elusive indicator that has flashed before the crypto market’s previous parabolic uptrends is flashing again, suggesting that the markets could be on the cusp of seeing a 2017-esque movement in the months ahead.

Crypto Market Sees Intense Uptrend as Analysts Eye Further Gains.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a great year for the crypto market, with Bitcoin’s climb from lows of $6,800 to highs of over $10,500 allowing the markets to see some intense momentum.

This uptrend has allowed the aggregated crypto market capitalization to balloon, rising from year-to-date lows of $185 billion to its current size of over $300 million.

The fact that this climb has come about as the result of money pouring into both Bitcoin and altcoins concurrently suggests that fresh capital is entering the markets, and that a fundamental shift in market structure is occuring.

Financial Survivalism, a prominent crypto analyst on Twitter, explained in a recent tweet that he anticipates altcoins to see further momentum due to bullish patterns that they have been widely forming as of late.

“Can’t help but salivate when looking at the Big W patterns that are taking shape in alts. Most haven’t confirmed yet but they are already very well defined. First entry occurs with a close above point D. Second entry occurs with a close above point A,” he said while pointing to a collection of charts seen below."

This Indicator Shows an Unprecedented Altcoin Rally is Around the Corner

One key factor that should be on the forefront of all investor’s minds is the fact that there was a 50/200 EMA golden cross on the aggregated crypto market cap, with Bitcoin being excluded.

This formation preceded the alt rally seen in 2017, suggesting that a major movement could be inbound.

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Billionaire Investor Henry Kravis Makes First Crypto Investment

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Henry Kravis is dipping his toe into the world of crypto assets.

According to a piece by Bloomberg on Friday, Kravis – who is co-founder of global investment firm KKR & Co. – is said to have invested in a cryptocurrency fund offered by ParaFi Capital.

The news comes via ParaFi founder and CIO Ben Forman, a former KKR employee who left to form the San Francisco-based digital asset startup. Bloomberg said a spokeswoman for Kravis has declined to comment on the investment.

Forman describes ParaFi Capital as an “investment firm focused on the blockchain ecosystem” - read more.

Bitcoin Price (BTC) Breaks Down, Turns Sell On Rallies

  • Bitcoin price failed to climb higher and declined sharply below $10,000 against the US Dollar.
  • The price is now trading well below the $10,000 level and it could struggle to recover in the near term.
  • There was a break below a contracting triangle with support at $10,150 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The price is under pressure and it is likely to decline further towards the $9,500 support.

Bitcoin price is back in a negative zone below $10,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is facing uphill task and it might face - read more.

Rainforest Charity Launches Crypto Appeal to Help Protect Amazon

A veteran non-profit is embracing the crypto community to fight forest fires in the Amazon.

The Rain Forest Foundation, founded in 1987, announced today a campaign to fight the Brazilian forest fires with the help of the crypto community. Although the foundation has accepted crypto for years—and even developed their own, BitSeed, in 2014–the Brazilian fires has given the Foundation a new impetus for embracing the crypto community.

Deforestation is up 278% from a year ago last July with the number of forest fires doubling between January and August 2018 to 2019, according to the Rain Forest Foundation. The organization is seeking - read more.

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