The Top 5 Ways YouTubers Can Make a Living in 2022: Stream Games and Live Events

YouTube can be a great platform to come up with new ideas for income streams. Gaming just got a whole lot more interesting with the advent of live-streaming. This means you can now make money simply by streaming your favourite games online. The live-streaming option is still new enough to be a bit of a wild west at the moment, but it has tremendous potential. Let’s say you’re a gamer who enjoys creating videos on YouTube about the games you play. You could then set up a dedicated channel solely for game play and start live-streaming. You could offer viewers a selection of different games to stream on demand, and you could set an initial price point for subscriptions. You could also try experimenting with different kinds of games, or games that relate to an interest you have such as politics or relationships. You could even set up custom games for your live streaming, such as a strategy game with special rules for your audience to follow. Live-streaming could also be used to create original programming. Instead of simply playing games on camera, you could create more informative videos by giving advice or sharing knowledge.

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